Walmart’s GoPro Sale is Here to Give Prime Day a Run for Its Money 

Why take a chance to see if you can get a better price when this deal’s so hot?
Walmart GoPro Sale

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Everyone knows Prime Day is right around the corner. Of course, other retailers are rolling out all sorts of awesome deals to try and compete, especially on electronics. So much so that holding out for better prices on Prime Day feels a lot like high-stakes gambling. Take, for example, Walmart’s sale on GoPro action cameras. The prices over there are stupid-good, and if you’re holding out to see if Amazon prices are any better next week, you just might miss out on some awesome savings. 

GoPro HERO11 Black Camera for $199.00

Right now, you can snag the GoPro Hero11 for just $199.00. That’s almost absurdly good, even if it’s a generation behind the latest offering. And if you need more than just the camera, you can upgrade to a version bundled with all sorts of accessories for $349.95. However, at that point, you might as well consider going to the Hero12 bundle for $379.99. 

But, hey, what do I know about your action camera needs? Check the list below for more GoPro deals at Walmart. 

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GoPro HERO12 Waterproof Action Camera Bundle for $379.99