Summer Electronics Sales In Time For Road-Tripping

It doesn't matter if you're commuting or driving across the country, it's more fun with modern electronics.
Summer Electronic Sales

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Let me start by saying, these summer electronic sales aren’t intended to impress the hardcore audiophiles out there. I’ve selected great deals on car stereo products that’ll be easy to install and make a big improvement. If you want to start adding drivers and amps, you can look around on Crutchfield and Best Buy and find some of that on sale. But, mostly, I wanted to focus on adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto easily. I also included a couple of sealed subwoofers. For example, the Alpine compact powered 8-inch sub and 120-watt amp for $279.95. It’s small enough to fit under a seat and doesn’t require too much work for install.

As a kid in the 80s, I had the Alpine Countach poster on my bedroom wall. I still have a soft-spot for the brand once famous for the crystal green buttons. Sadly, this Alpine iLX-407 digital multimedia receiver for $449.95 has no physical buttons on it. But it has a nice screen and will do all the CarPlay stuff just like any new car. I know a lot of you are like me and consider yourselves to be button enthusiasts. Who doesn’t appreciate a good rising-rate damped detent, am I right? That’s why I included the Kenwood DPX505BT CD receiver for $149.00. There’s no CarPlay with this deck, but that’s the point. If you’re looking for a double-DIN unit that will look correct in a car before giant touch screens, this has a smaller screen and lots of physical buttons and an ACTUAL VOLUME KNOB!

Lastly, I ran across some other electronics you guys might like. We’re having record temps in Vegas right now, which is saying something. My car doesn’t have remote start, so I am considering this Compustar 1-way remote start system—Installation Included for $249.99. It’s considerably cheaper than what the dealership wants for it with the only downside being an extra remote to add to my car key. Also, Hank mentioned that he wants to test out one of the many stand-alone CarPlay add-on screens. I was curious and found this Plimpton Apple Carplay Screen, 7-inch wireless multimedia player with voice control for $49.99. That looks interesting and at 50 bucks, seems worth giving it a shot for those of you who want the simplest thing possible.

More Summer Electronic Sales

Alpine iLX-407 Digital multimedia receiver for $449.95

Alpine S-Series shallow down-firing enclosure, 12" 2-ohm subwoofer for $399.95

Alpine Compact powered 8" sub and 120-watt amp for $279.95

Kenwood Digital multimedia receiver for $349.00

Kenwood DPX505BT CD receiver for $149.00

Compustar – 1-Way Remote Start System – Installation Included for $249.99

Sony 6.2" Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth In-Dash Digital Media Receiver for $219.99

THINKWARE U3000 4K Fr Cam, 2K Rr Cam, Night Vision, Wi-Fi GPS for $479.99

VIOFO A119 V3 2K Dash Cam 2560x1440P, Ultra Clear Night Vision for $79.90

Plimpton Apple Carplay Screen, 7” Wireless Multimedia Player with Voice Control, BT, FM, All Vehicles for $49.99