Snag an Amazing Pocket Knife Deal From BladeHQ

From the truly useful to the tacticool, there are knives for every occasion.
Knives on sale at Blade HQ
Blade HQ

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A good knife isn’t just a tool you’ll be tempted to carry all the time. It can also become an heirloom that your children will pass down for generations. And if you can acquire a worthy blade at a discount, well, that’ll just be between you and BladeHQ, which has tons of high-end knives at steep discounts right now.

Whether you’re experienced outdoors or just want something cool to open boxes with, there’s a huge range of knives that can suit your needs. They can be short- or long-bladed, fixed or flip-out, and their handles made from anything you can imagine. There’s something for everyone—let’s just hope that something isn’t a visit to the hospital, though. Play safe out there, kids.