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These EDC Knife Deals Will up Your Personal Utility for the New Year

Get one of these deals on a useful knife and get it in your pocket, now.

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Empty those pockets, please. Go ahead; we’ll wait right here.

What do we have? Besides lint, I mean. Some gum, a phone, a wallet, and maybe keys? None of those objects open a box or fussy clamshell packaging on the go. They don’t clean up stray threads, and they certainly won’t do much for that stupid splinter dug into your forefinger. And that’s before we even talk about what’s most associated with a blade.

What’s missing from your pocket is a pocketknife. And specifically, an “everyday carry” pocketknife. They’re relatively small and convenient, pocket-sized and very, very useful. Better still, they’re a deal right now. Here are some of our faves:

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