Become Your Nephew’s Favorite Uncle With These Deals on RC Cars

Some of these cars will do around 20 miles per hour. Buy one for a kid whose parents you don’t like and watch their shins disintegrate.

byPeter Holderith|
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Remote-controlled cars could be the single largest gateway drug to automotive enthusiasm out there. Simply put, a good RC car can offer hours of fun for kids and months of anguish for adults' ankles. That's a problem if you're a parent, but not so much if you're gifting one to someone else's child. It's a bulletproof plan. Make friends with children, enemies with adults.

I decided to go with strictly off-road RC cars as they're more usable and fewer toes will be slammed into. Since these are toys for kids, I've decided to stick to the lower end of the price range, too. Adults might want the more expensive hobby-grade stuff, but kids shouldn't be trusted with missiles like that. Actually, I'll throw a few in there just for laughs.

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