Best RC Cars: Play or Race with Speed and Power

Race, play, and expand your imagination with these speedy RC cars

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PUBLISHED ON October 8, 2019

RC cars come in a wide variety of styles. Whether you want to race around the block in a fast race car or climb over difficult terrain, there is a remote-controlled car for you. You can find one that matches your vehicle, or you can live out a racing fantasy by choosing a fancy sports car. No matter what you choose, they all are capable of moving fast and providing hours of entertainment. Here are the best RC cars to consider if you’re looking at starting a new hobby.

  • Best Overall
    Jeypod Remote Control Car
    It can be controlled up to 260 feet away. The remote has anti-interference to control multiple cars without any issues. Reaches speeds up to 12 mph. It’s made of non-toxic plastic.
    The vehicle is water-resistant and comes with thick shockproof wheels and heavy-duty springs. The front has a crash-proof bar to prevent the car from being damaged upon impacting a wall. It’s built to handle all sorts of terrain.
    The batteries only last around 30 minutes but charge quickly. The remote feels cheap, and the trigger can wobble around a bit.
  • Best Value
    Blexy RC Racing Car
    The car is designed out of a high-quality and thick PVC material for extra flexibility. This helps it withstand crashes and drops. The maximum speed is 15 mph, and it can be controlled 160 feet away.
    All four wheels are installed on an independent suspension spring, making them more flexible and shockproof. The rubber tires are soft and springy with a grippy tread. It’s also waterproof.
    It’s not designed for off-road use. The battery life is short, at just 20 minutes per battery.
  • Honorable Mention
    Amicool RC Stunt Car Toy
    A versatile RC car that can be driven on its top or bottom, so there’s no need to flip it over manually. It’s made out of a durable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly plastic. Its top speed is nearly 8 mph.
    The thick wheels and tires roll easily and quickly over small debris. The car has a 360-degree turning, rolling, and flipping radius and is incredibly shockproof and responsive.
    The battery life is low, and it doesn’t come with batteries for either the car or remote. It has trouble handling larger obstacles. The controls may be difficult to learn.

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  • Store the car and remote somewhere temperate and dry. Condensation can build in the machinery and damage the batteries.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote and the car after playing with it to conserve their life.
  • Avoid leaving the battery charger connected when it is not in use to prevent the risk of a fire.
  • To operate multiple cars near one another, make sure they are each on different frequencies. Many remotes allow you to change the frequency by pressing a button or flipping a switch. Some cars may come with frequency settings on their bodies.


Q: How fast can an RC car go?

A: This depends on the type of car you purchase. Many will be able to reach speeds at or just below 25 mph. Cars specifically built for racing can reach up to 60 mph, but they are also much more expensive and can be dangerous if handled improperly.

Q: What kind of batteries do RC cars take?

A: The majority of RC cars will need AAA or AA batteries to power them due to their small size. However, you can find cars that need 9V batteries. Make sure to check before you buy replacement batteries for your car.

Q: Can I use a different remote for an RC car?

A: Yes, you may swap out the remote for another. It may require a bit of configuration to pair the car to your remote, however. As long as both are running on the same frequency they should be compatible.

Final Thoughts

For a quick RC car that can be controlled from a distance, consider the Jeypod Remote Control Car

You may also want to consider the Blexy RC Racing Car, which is speedy, durable, and comes with a strong grip.