Big Deals On Small Cars: I Want All These Plastic Models, Radio Controlled, and Lego Car Kits

I can’t own a warehouse full of real cars, but I can have miniature versions of bucket list vehicles.

byMichael Febbo|
Big Deals On Small Cars: I Want All These Plastic Models, Radio Controlled, and Lego Car Kits


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As a kid, I saved all of my money to buy buildable cars. I started with Lego cars and moved on to plastic model kits from Revell, Monogram, and when I wanted to go premium – Tamiya. When I was 10 or 11, I discovered hobby-quality RC cars, which is probably what set me on the path that got me where I am now. An adult, sitting at my desk, searching the Internet for deals on models, Lego, and RC cars. At least now, I'm getting paid to do it. I've found some good stuff for you; and, possibly me too.

I have wanted to build the Tamiya Porsche GT1 for several years, and maybe now's my chance with a sale price of $30.02 at Amazon. Though, I'm equally as tempted to take another crack at a beloved classic. I built the Revell Porsche 911 3.2 when I was in middle school, and I think I can probably do a better job now. Amazon letting it fly for $42.83 is a good excuse to find out for sure.

RC car deals are equally as tempting, though. I keep looking at the Amoril AK-917. Some of you have probably noticed it makes it into deals posts a couple of times of year. Eventually, I'm going to pull the trigger on that one and a sale price of $199.99 for Amazon Prime numbers makes it really hard not to. Though, I highly recommend newcomers looking for a way in to check out that Traxxas Slash. I own one, and have been so impressed with mine that I'm sure all of you will be too, especially for the discounted price of $249.95.

Do I need to say anything about how good Lego cars are? I have at least 15 of the Speed Champion cars and another half-dozen of the Icon kits and they're amazing. I should mention that I do have a kid that I am sharing all of this stuff with and I can use the excuse that these are STEM toys. They're an educational investment. It's money well spent.

That's about it for me. Take a look at the list below for killer deals on models and more!