Laegendary Thunder RC Truck Hands-On Review: I’m Not Sure Where To Start

This is undeniably an enormous bargain in RC trucks, but the target market is least likely to buy it.

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I’ve reviewed a few different RC tucks recently, two in particular were a surprise to me as they were both “Amazon brands” that not only provide great value but deliver an experience you’d expect to get from a truck you’d get from the hobby shop. The Laegendary Thunder you see here checks all the boxes. It’s a 4wd, brushless, ready-to-run stadium truck that as I type, is $110—for everything. So it’s perfect, right? Well, for some people, yes. But, also no. And definitely not for everyone.

What are the specs of the Laegendary Thunder?

The Thunder is a 1:10 scale truck, which at least for now, is the most popular size for pretty much every category of hobby shop RC car and truck. Smaller scales are becoming more popular by the day. The dimensions of the Thunder are 16.3 inches long, 12.9 inches wide, and 6 inches tall. For reference, the Traxxas Rustler and Arrma Vorteks, which I assume are the prime targets of the Thunder, are basically the same size. The powertrain is a 50-amp ESC(electronic speed controller), feeding a 3300KV brushless motor. It also includes a 2S, 5200 mAh LiPo battery, with a USB charger. 

The included radio has 4 channels, two are unused out of the box. The controller is the biggest letdown of the Thunder, but I’ll get to that. In the box, you also get an extra painted body, spare suspension arms, and a wheelie bar that weighs nearly as much as the whole truck. Like most RC cars on Amazon, it has metal gears in the drivetrain, oil-filled shocks, and ball bearings. If you want to find an equal spec sheet at a hobby shop, you’re looking at literally three times the price. The Rustler and the Vorteks are both $330 and neither includes a battery or charger.

How does the Laegendary Thunder drive?

A couple of years ago, I bought my son a brushed 2wd Traxxas Slash. At the time, it was one of the best entry-level RC cars on the market. I took the Thunder out to one of the dirt lots were we take the Slash for some intial shake-down runs. The Thunder, with its brushless motor, is much faster than the Slash, obviously. The 4wd system works well at pushing power around to keep the truck hooked up and accelerating instead of spinning wheels. I needed to use the shocks’ threaded spring collars to add quite a bit more preload to the rear suspension to dial out the understeer. I couldn’t get it really loose, like the 2wd Slash, I think more power would be the key to that. Which, is possible since the ESC and motor will handle a 3S. The Traxxas BL-2S isn’t capable of running over 2S.

If you’ve read my reviews on the Laegendary Grando rock crawler, and the Bezgar HP161S, then you know that I’ve been impressed with the performance of the “insert your own classification” RC trucks. The Thunder provides the same experience. It isn’t an RC car you would be competitive racing, but driving in dirt lots, skate parks, and on pavement, it’s a lot of fun.

My biggest complaint is the transmitter. It works fine for casual driving. It’s not only what you might expect at this price point, but I’m sure it’s a big part of how Laegendary hit the price point. I’ve included a photo of it next to one of my Traxxas transmitters. The Laegendary pistol grip controller looks more like something that would be included with a slot-car track. It’s too small for my hands and uncomfortable by the time I was through a single battery pack. 

Laegendary Thunder RC Truck The Verdict

I’m finding myself conflicted trying to write a verdict about this truck. For $110, nothing from a hobby shop is anywhere near comparable. With the included 2S battery, it may not be as fast as what most people will expect when they hear it’s brushless. But, it is comparable to the new Traxxas BL-2S 3300KV brushless system that has become the company’s new entry-level powertrain. As I mentioned before, a BL-2S 4wd Rustler is $330 and that’s without a battery and charger.

Laegendary Thunder
Ease Of Use8/10

Here’s where I have two very different thoughts. If your budget is around a hundred dollars and you want to see if you’re interested in RC cars, this is a great choice; you won’t be disappointed. If you decide you want to get more serious, this truck is upgradeable. You can upgrade to a better transmitter for another hundred dollars. Laegendary offers aluminum and carbon fiber upgrades either directly from its site or off Amazon. Which brings me to main complaint I hear about these sorts of cars. Someone always says, “Good luck getting parts.” Looking on Amazon, not only are parts available, but I can have almost anything overnight.

That all sounds great, why am I conflicted? Unlike the Grando and the Bezgar I’ve reviewed, a lot of people buying a stadium truck like this are already into the hobby. Getting a battery pack, charger, and transmitter they won’t use isn’t a value proposition to them. Not having full support of the aftermarket will be another downside. The Thunder is a great first step for someone trying to decide if they want to get into the hobby. If they aren’t, they’re only out a hundred bucks. If they are, they can buy some upgraded equipment that will transfer to future cars. Getting more people into the hobby at the lowest price possible is a good thing. And that’s exactly what trucks like this are for.