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Get Into The Mystique of a Round LCD Displays With These Smartwatch Deals

Come on. You ever seen a round screen before?

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Smartwatches, or “wearable devices,” are very popular. The ability to have some level of connectivity to the internet and everything that comes with it without carrying a smartphone around is convenient. Add in the ability for a wearable to read various biometrics thanks to being in contact with a person’s skin and the whole package is very appealing. If you’re into that kind of thing.

If you are into that kind of thing, there are a variety of options out there in terms of smartwatches, especially if you are not a part of Apple’s ecosystem of products. Spoiler art: there are very few deals on Apple Watches. For that reason, only a few will be listed here. There is a sale on several Android-based devices, though, and I’ve chosen a selection from some reputable brands. You can get a $40 smart device from household names like A-TGTGA and PUREROYI if you’re on a budget, but the following will probably work longer.

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