Wife Surprises Husband With A 2017 McLaren 650S

Maybe I am just jealous, but these videos seem a little too good to be true.

byMax Goldberg|
McLaren News photo

It is no secret larger Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook celebrities get endorsements, free gear, and even cold cash for posts. This can be easily translated into the automotive market by having celebrities drive a vehicle and continually mention it in their posts.

Recently The LaVigne Family, a popular Youtube channel, for reasons beyond my understanding, posted several videos of Dee (wife) getting Jerry (husband) a bright yellow McLaren 650S. There is no doubt in my mind this family is independently wealthy but the amount of coverage they give the McLaren 650S raises a few flags. First off, the amount of times they post mundane activities that involve the Mclaren 650S makes it look like they are contractually obligated to do so. Then after a certain number of posts, the car disappears from video hero images as well as general content. 

Did they have the car for a short term loan like many celebrities do through "lifestyle loans," or did they just work out a deal with the McLaren dealership? Whatever the case may be, there was a lot of "What! Whose car is this?" and the fan favorite, "stop playing" throughout their videos.

To be fair, automotive manufacturers already fill your Instagram feeds with sponsored ads (to which I still "like"), but it seems a bit strange when manufacturers give cars or loan cars to celebrities. We could be wrong about The LaVigne Family and their McLaren 650S, but we think you should check out the videos and come up with your own conclusion.

All that being said, The LaVigne Family still has (or had) a McLaren 650S in their possession and thats a beautiful thing.

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