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Donkey Owner Fined $7,000 After Animal Was Caught Nibbling On A Carrot-Colored McLaren

What a jackass.

Markus Zahn was awarded the equivalent of a little more than $7,000 in damages after his Tarocco Orange McLaren 650S Spider was chewed on by a donkey, reports the Daily Mail

Late last year, the 49-year-old German businessman reportedly parked his $280,000 British supercar next to a Vogelsberg paddock in which a donkey named Vitus lived. When the businessman got back into the car, he noticed Vitus having a bite of the McLaren’s rear end. This apparently caused a total of more than $40,000 worth of damage to the car’s paint and carbon fiber components, only $33,000 of which was covered by Zahn’s insurance after they determined that part of the fault lay with Zahn when he parked so close to an active paddock. 

Zahn then took the donkey’s owner to court in order to salvage the remainder of the expenses. The German court sided with the supercar owner and ordered Vitus’s keeper to pay the outstanding $7,000. 

“The donkey obviously thought he had stumbled upon a giant carrot,” said Zahn. To be fair to Vitus, this particular shade of McLaren orange does carry an extremely carrot-like hue.

Markus Zahn/Facebook

In other news, owners of yellow Lamborghinis are now being warned not to leave their cars too close to any wild monkey colonies.