The 10 Most Powerful Social Media Influencers in the Auto World

The people have spoken, and the narcissists (and aesthetes, and enthusiasts) win.

You may love them, you may hate them. You may think some of these people represent a betrayal of the hard-working car enthusiasts who’ve spent decades grinding out amazing content. You may think that just because someone has a few (hundred thousand) fans on YouTube, or can take pretty pictures for Instagram, it doesn’t qualify them as legitimate influencers in the space. But influence in social media is a fluid and fickle thing, and as much as some of us wanted to tamper with these results, the results of the reader votes—more than 50,000 in total—don’t lie. Here they are: the photographers, videographers, aesthetes, purists, narcissists, slobs, and plain old car lovers.

Let the trolling begin!

10. @Krispy, with 2.4% of the vote

9. SaabKyle04: 3.45%

8. Seb Delanney: 3.7%

7. itswhitenoise: 4.28%

6. Rob Dahm: 5.11%

5. SuperspeedersRob: 6.47%


4. Matt Farah: 9.17%

3. ThatDudeInBlue: 11.21%

2. Shmee150: 14.65%

1. Salomondrin: 18.7%