This Rad Audi TT Safari Is the Perfect Blend of Style and Off-Road Performance

Built by Audi trainees, this go-anywhere TT is on display at this year’s Worthersee car meet.

byChris Tsui|
Audi News photo

In spite of a recent report that says Audi will no longer build the TT as it enters its next, electrified era, the German automaker appears to be having as much fun with the sports coupe as it can, while it can. Built as a one-off by company trainees and on display at this year's Wörthersee GTI car meet in Austria, the Audi TT Safari is what you get when you need to blend in at the Starbucks drive-thru in the morning but have to compete in the Dakar in the afternoon.

This special TT has been lifted and fitted with off-road tires, a new grille, massive fender flares, yellow rally lights, and a grey, white, and yellow livery that looks like it was inspired by Mattel. As if it wasn't already cartoonish enough, a pair of spare tires can be stored in the trunk, trophy truck-style. Who said the TT wasn't macho enough to take on Porsches?

The yellow details extend to the inside as well with a steering wheel and stitching all outfitted in the hue of a lemon. For reasons beyond my understanding, even the windshield has been tinted yellow, a modification that pretty much ensures that the TT Safari won't be road legal any time soon. 

Currently, Audi sells the TT as a warm TTS, hot TT RS, and as a drop-top TT Roadster. 

Hey Audi, given how cool the zombie apocalypse-ready TT Safari looks, perhaps a slightly muddy TT Allroad Quattro is worth looking into.