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The 8 Best (and Worst) Car Commercials by Athletes

When sports stars hawk cars, everyone wins.

Athletes like Tom Brady are celebrated for their prowess on field, court and track—and for good reason. They’re out there, pushing their bodies to the limits in dazzling superhuman displays while we can’t get a fitted sheet onto the bed without pulling a hammy. It makes sense, then, that marketers use sports gods to shill their goods. That’s not to say that athletes are as exemplary on screen as they are on the field of battle.

Occasionally, you’ll get a sporty powerhouse like Peyton Manning who can hit his or her marks and sell to the camera. Those commercials have a stickiness that makes them resonate long after the media buy is exhausted. Whenever a cringe-worthy commercial makes it onto the small screen, we’re left wondering, “Is this the best take they got? If so, how bad are the outtakes?” Let’s save the horrible ads that’ll make your eyes widen in horror for last, and start with the home runs.

The Best: Amy Purdy’s Toyota Camry Commercial