Subaru Recalls over 9,000 WRXs and WRX STIs over Flaming Subwoofers

We advise owners to refrain from bumping any fire mixtapes for the time being.

byChris Tsui| UPDATED Apr 1, 2019 8:36 PM
Subaru Recalls over 9,000 WRXs and WRX STIs over Flaming Subwoofers

Subaru is recalling 9,178 examples of the 2015 WRX and WRX STI over a fire risk—and no, we're not talking about fires started by unattended vape pens. Instead, the issue lies in the circuitry used for Subaru's optional factory subwoofer, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report. 

Located in the trunk, the subwoofer's wiring is said to be at risk of being displaced by loose objects moving around. If wiring touches the sub's metal frame, a short circuit may occur. This leads to a risk of overheating, which leads to a risk of a fire, which leads to a risk of death or injury. Not good. 

Subaru apparently received two reports of in-the-wild WRX subs overheating, one coming from Australia. Whether or not anyone was hurt in these instances is unclear. 

To remedy the issue, Subaru will install a spacer in between the subwoofer's wire and frame. If it's discovered that a wire has already been knocked out of place, the entire sub will be replaced. Per recall protocol, the work will be done free of charge at Subaru's dealers.

Affected owners should be notified and instructed to visit their local dealer soon. Until then, we would keep the bass—and, ahem, heat-heavy tracks to a minimum.