12 Brand-New Lexus LFAs Are Sitting Around America

There are apparently still 12 examples classified as dealer inventory. Good luck finding one.

Ever wanted to get your hands on Toyota’s supercar that nobody asked for, the Lexus LFA? Have you seen the values of used examples getting insane? Well, there’s a slim chance you might still be able to buy one brand new from a dealer.

Although production stopped in 2012, there are still 12 unsold Lexus LFA models in the U.S. that are classified as dealer inventory. Autoblog did a little digging after noticing Lexus sold a new LFA in July and found out what the deal is. When the LFA was new, Lexus only intended to take purchase orders for the car in an effort to avoid price gouging. After LFA orders slowed down in 2010, Lexus had a few LFAs left over and wanted them in dealerships rather than collecting dust at the factory. They opened up ordering to folks who already owned an LFA, Lexus executives, and dealerships.

Dealer-ordered Lexus LFAs weren’t supposed to be a thing, but they’re out there and there is still a dozen brand new, never owned LFA models out there. It’s likely that dealers are holding on to them and keeping them secret so they can have them as display cars or for dealership owners to add them to their own collections.

We’re optimistic and we want to believe that anyone with a half-million dollars burning in their pocket can swing by a Lexus dealer and pick up a brand new LFA. So get out there to try to be one of the lucky 12 to catch one of these unicorns before they go extinct.