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Watch This 1000-HP Toyota JZX100 Drift Car Tear Up Ebisu’s Touge Course

Watch a two-time championship winning Toyota Chaser sedan destroy the Ebisu Touge.

People know Ebisu Circuit for the Minami Course, home to the notorious “jump drift.” But the locals will tell you its the Touge Course that is the scariest of all. Combine a narrow course width and an extremely steep elevation change, the Touge is technical and will require a lot more practice to nail down. Worst of all, a mistake could mean sliding off a cliff edge. You don’t want that.

Which is why this video is so damn awesome. Andy Gray of Power Vehicles took out this two-time championship winning Toyota JZX100 for a wicked stomp around the tight course. And if the four door’s massive size isn’t already a challenge around the narrow Touge, this particular JZX100 is, as the title suggests, armed with 1000 horsepower.

It’s complete overkill and that’s exactly what makes it so awesome. The violence you see on the outside perfectly contrasts to just how calm, relaxed and fluid Gray turns the wheel on the inside.  Check out the sick Ebisu Touge Course footage in the video below and don’t miss the cameo, featuring Hirokazu-san’s yellow Ferrari F360 Modena drift car: