Apropos of Nothing, Here’s a Lamborghini Diablo GT Shooting Flames

No context. But, hey, V12 and fire!

There’s Cars and Coffee, and then there’s Cars and Coffee in Italy. I’d assume there’s a plenty of chain-smoking and shrugging. Sympathetic push-starts. Maybe the occasional flatbed tow truck. You know, Italian car stuff. Oh, and sometimes a Lamborghini Diablo GT shows up.

That’d be one of 83 ever made. The GT is, as Octane’s Harry Metcalfe once put it, a Diablo SV on drugs: Displacement swollen from 5.7- to 6-liters, rear-drive, 575 horsepower, carbon everything and enough vents to cool an atomic pile. Today, I stumbled across this video of a GT singing its V12 song and spitting flames. No context, really. When it comes to this noise, do you need any?