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Ignition! Dubai Lamborghini Goes Up in Smoke

Don't prod the bull so hard, brah.

Few things are more enjoyable than listening to a nicely tuned exhaust. But after a handful of revs, we back off the gas and let the plumbing cool down. Apparently this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster driver in Dubai didn’t get the memo, and sent the highly strung Italian sports car into fireball hysterics. Ever placid, the passenger in the Ferrari 458 Spider ahead is too busy adjusting a selfie stick to notice. This is the exchange we hear over the good samaritan’s entreaties of “Fire! Fire!”

LamBro: I celebrate myself and this machine with her magnificent yelps! Do you hear the cry of motor, sir? I raise cloven fingers in a “V” for victory! These revs, my battle cry.

Italia4Lyf: Yes! I see you, and validate your magnificence! Do you hear the shriek of my motor, which, though smaller, itself has much to say? Whiz! Bang! Pop! With these hydrocarbons, I thee salute, and with this selfie stick, I recognize your mastery. With this NarcissiStick, I thee dub, Benevolent King of Immobile Hijinks.

LamBro: My steed rumbles with might of an earthquake! I lower my toes, and the roadway shakes

Italia4Lyf: FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!


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