Seven Military Vehicles You Can (And Should) Actually Buy

Love the machinery of death? Go buy some at an auction.

byBen Keeshin|
For Sale photo

America is obsessed with the sexiness of war. While the 20th century and its litany of horrors has cured us of many of the romantic notions—fashionable cavalries, polished bayonets, handsome Minutemen—one particularly charismatic aspect of combat is mostly unsullied by battlefield gore and the wholesale slaughter of innocents. That would be the vehicles. Tracked, wheeled, hulled or otherwise, the sleds we use to make war happen also to be excellent at instilling fear and excitement on the most peaceful of boulevards. How do you pick them  What many folks don’t know is that military surplus auctions are open to anyone with an Amex card. That tank you buy might not have operable guns, but it’s still a tank.