Falcon Punch: The Tesla Model X Has Arrived

Tesla’s first SUV is here, and it has some wacky doors. Just don’t call them gullwings.

byMax Goldberg|
Electric Vehicles photo

Electric car mogul and sometimes-rocketeer Elon Musk has introduced the production version of his company’s first SUV, the Tesla Model X. It is an all-electric, seven-passenger crossover with a claimed range of 257 miles. It’ll hit 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, tow 5,000 pounds and has the craziest doors this side of C.S. Lewis’s armoire.

"I think we got a little carried away," Musk said.

Yeah. Just a little.

The Model X’s futuristic entry is a double-hinged affair, with sensors to help them clear obstacles when parked in a garage or between two cars. In typical Tesla fashion, Musk isn’t calling these gullwings. They’re “falcon doors.”

Prices for the Model X range from $132,000 in base trim to $144,000 in top specification. For the pleasure of putting one in their garage, buyers must put down a modest $5,000 deposit and wait for a year. And yes, PayPal is accepted.