Please, Look at This Sinking Mercedes in South Carolina

A reminder that cars carry people, and these people need your help.

byBen Keeshin|
Mercedes-Benz News photo


This week, South Carolina experienced major flooding. Thousands are still without power, miles of interstate remain closed, and dozens of coastal homes have washed out to sea. According to the Governor’s statement, the weather conditions that created the deluge happen only once every thousand years.

Coincidentally, that’s the average lifespan of a Mercedes 240D. This W123 was meant to trundle around for decades, the ultimate automotive tortoise. The paint—hellblau—is the color of sunnier skies, and sticky remnants of a bumper sticker suggest some personality. The license plate frame suggests the owner is a veteran, too. It’s a reminder that this car belongs to a person, and that they’re probably going to need some help.

So while this Benz is done, there are hundreds of people displaced by the flooding who could use a hand. Consider donating to the Red Cross’ Flood Relief fund. Because when you see a flooded car, you’re seeing a flooded community.

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