Lifted Trucks Jump One Another in Ultimate ‘Muddin’ Entrance’

You can do anything with a lift kit and a honking V8, it’s just science.

byMax Goldberg|
Trucks photo

Plenty of America has spent a minimum of one day in their life muddin' or at least participating in mild mud exploration, however, The Drive would be surprised if anyone has jumped another truck while muddin'. In the video below, you can see two very modified vehicle, on possibly a Chevy Blazer and the other a Dodge Dakota.

Both vehicles appear to be utilizing a massive V8s with well over 500 horsepower to venture through the mud and to show off to "the good ol' boys" of South Berlin Mud Ranch in Georgia. The beginning of the video starts with the Dodge Dakota flying over the Blazer in a blaze of glory before crashing down to the muddy earth. The rest of the video is of both vehicles putting on a show for other participants and of the Blazer getting a ton of wheelie time.

The real question is, how much does it cost to build one of these rigs and what percentage of the build is done by the owner. We don't doubt the vast majority of drivers are capable of making the necessary modifications but does every really have the tools to do so? Whatever the case may be, please let us know in the comments below.

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