Recoil 4 Is Like Gymkhana for Trophy Trucks

BJ Baldwin rips it up with his Toyota Tundra racer in this video.

Driving stunts are undeniably cool. They’ve moved out of action films all the way to Gymkhana videos and the lot, promoting ultimate skill and putting professional talents on display. The best ones garner millions of views on the internet—and this may be one of the best yet. Instead of using a measly old rally car, BJ Baldwin has opted for his Toyota Tundra Trophy Truck to shred through asphalt, gravel, and whatever else gets in the way. He flicks the thing around like it’s nothing, executing crazy maneuvers in the high horsepower rig that we wouldn’t think possible. One thing we do know for sure, though: it’s rad.

This is the fourth iteration in Baldwin’s Recoil series, and it may be be the best yet. He blasts the 850 horsepower truck through all the scenery that Havana, Cuba has to offer, including jungles and beaches with plenty of obstacles. BJ’s incredible vehicle control stuns the bystanders as he quite literally flies past them, even a claimed 191 feet in one spot. You can tell what they were aiming for with this one, stringing together the wildest strands of high jumps and tight tracks.

Although Ken Block and his Gymkhana series has gained the most publicity, this is right up there with that series in terms of sheer effort and skill. To haul in the trophy truck’s reins like Baldwin does is incredible, especially when you consider that this is a race-spec truck without many alterations.

Watch BJ and his Toyota get some hang time on the Cuban coast while we quietly wish we were there, too.