Mazda Renews Affiliation With Laguna Seca Raceway

Mazda will fight to preserve its legacy and friendship with the historic track, and not just for money's sake.

Mazda is currently negotiating to renew its contract with the historic race track, having already agreed to a one-year renewal that ends in March of 2018. Although the manufacturer has been the track’s main caretaker for 16 years, it will need to continue to negotiate in order to preserve its partnership with Monterey’s famous speedway. The track has been subject to an intense ownership battle for years, as different parties have tried to usurp management; most want to preserve the track’s heritage while others have new plans for it. Nevertheless, Mazda feels that it is the right company for the job, as it has developed a fondness for the raceway.

Mazda will meet with the Monterrey County Board of Supervisors soon to present their preservation plans for Laguna Seca. The company sees itself as more than just a sponsor, saying that it wants to invest passion and care into the track even more than it wants to supply it with cash. Because of this, the track managers seem to be happy with their Mazda overlords. Mazda takes its heritage very seriously, so the track is in good hands. However, this investment is not just about emotions; the raceway is an invaluable asset to Mazda’s motorsport division, hosting prestigious programs and events such as the MX-5 Cup Series for advanced drivers to hone their skills and get ready for the big leagues. These events, coupled with the fact that Mazda’s US headquarters sits less than 5 hours away in Irvine means that Mazda won’t let the track go without a fight.