Watch Magnus Walker Drives His Favorite Roads With His Favorite Porsches

Three cars, three roads, and a different driving experience for each.

byRob Stumpf| UPDATED Mar 31, 2017 12:08 AM
Watch Magnus Walker Drives His Favorite Roads With His Favorite Porsches

Okay, yes: this is a Mobil1 commercial. Nevertheless, Magnus Walker is one of the most high-profile (and controversial) names among the ranks of Porsche enthusiasts, so who better to host a snippet about classic Porsches? After all, he owns at least 20 of them, and the photos of his vast garage are enough to make even Ferrari fans jealous. As a man who has the goal of owning one of every cars that Porsche has manufactured, he has travelled further along that road than most.

In this commercial video, Magnus drives three of his favorite cars on three of his favorite southern California roads. He makes a point to show off a unique driving experience for each scene, using a 914, 924, and 964 to prove that no two cars (or no two Porsches) are the same.

First up, the 924 Carrera GT for a brief sprint around the Canyon. Magnus talks about how great the weight balance of the car feels, which, at a 49/51 split, the car does enjoy thanks to a front engine-RWD layout. One of my thoughts was that this was the most “un-Porsche” sounding Porsches in the video—but that certainly doesn't mean it sounds bad. The 924 made about 210 horsepower (up from the 170 of the base 924) to propel its 2,300-pound chassis.

Next, the predecessor to the 924, the 914—mid-engine, targa-topped, and rear wheel drive. The car’s segment was short, but it was enough to capture the character of the old air-cooled car. Magnus’s particular model year was 1972, which was the last year for the 914/6. The car weighed only 2,100 pounds, so the description of the car being “nimble” is undoubtedly accurate.

The last drive was the beautiful, rear-engine 964 across the downtown Los Angeles circuit, one of Magnus’s favorite places to drive. With its perfect ride height, vented rear quarter windows, and beautiful gray paint job , it's a looker to be sure. Magnus exhibits the car's outright speed, calling it “thrilling to drive.” The grunting exhaust pours out notes of joy that explains the lust many collectors have for this car.

When 80 percent of your drives are pure pleasure, the cars must all be this good.