BMW M3 Causes a Christmas Tree Tragedy

The folks at BMW M show you why a BMW M3 is too powerful for a Christmas Tree.

BMW News photo

Recently BMW M released a nice new Christmas video on its YouTube channel. The video features a gentleman spiritedly driving a BMW E30 M3 pickup truck with a Christmas tree in the back. Though the M3 may have been a little too much for the Christmas tree.

The video features a mother and daughter awaiting the arrival of dad as he drives the M3 pickup truck through the snow. He arrives overly confident until the mother and daughter notice there are no pine needles left on the tree. The video is basically a Merry Christmas video from the folks at BMW M. 

No current BMW M models appear in the video with the exception of mentioning the new BMW M site. Though something odd about the video is that subscript in the beginning and at the end provides data points for the new BMW M3 CS's fuel mileage while the BMW M4 CS's fuel mileage is mentioned in the description of the YouTube video. Neither appears anywhere in the video. 

Why mention fuel mileage in a video clip where neither car appears while the car that does appear drives in a way with no care for fuel mileage is beyond me. I think we can look beyond it and agree that Christmas trees need more M Power. 

You might remember we featured another BMW M Powered machine bringing home a Christmas tree earlier this month. Car enthusiast Andy Bruce used his Team Lark McLaren GTR #13R McLaren F1 GTR race car to pick up a tree.

Check out BMW M's Christmas Tree Tragedy video below. 

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