Ralph Lauren’s $350 Million Car Collection Takes Center Stage at New York Fashion Week

Lauren talks about his insane dream garage and combining his two favorite hobbies: cars and clothing.

byChris Constantine|
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It's no surprise that famed clothing designer Ralph Lauren is a gear head. Car enthusiasts have often uttered the phrase, "Adults are just kids with money," and that's stuff Lauren certainly has a lot of to spend on his expensive toys. 

CarJam TV recently sat down with the billionaire to discuss his collection and the origins of his obsession. While Lauren's collection is filled with many of the most sought-after cars in the world, he showed that he's more of a Jay Leno than a Floyd Mayweather, meaning that he collects the cars based purely on his own interests rather than as a fashion statement (not that the latter is a bad thing). 

Lauren recalls his childhood, when he acquired the car bug, and finally cobbled enough money together to afford a fun vehicle, then immediately wanting another cool car to drive. 

With more money coming in, he never let go of his favorites, and the collection he amassed became as out-of-hand as it did exotic.

The latter half of the video details Ralph Lauren's brilliant idea to merge the two things he loves most, cars and clothes.  

"I think that matching the art of the cars and fashion of the clothes is exciting," Lauren said. This week, Ralph Lauren hosted his brand's New York Fashion Week at Ralph's Garage, where he stores his insane collection. Models displayed automotive-inspired clothing in front of a high-profile audience and used two rows of hypercars as a makeshift runway. 

This unconventional show was a huge hit, with celebrities who attended the event like Jessica Chastain and Nina Dobrev saying that they loved the connection between apparel and automobiles. 

It might be a strange concept to most, but Ralph Lauren's unique fashion show certainly sits well with us, and we hope more fashion moguls realize that these expressive industries go hand in hand.

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