Zebra Corner Is Back to Bashing Chevy’s Real People Commercials

This time “Mahk” has his eyes on the all-new Chevy Equinox.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED Aug 3, 2017 1:53 PM
Zebra Corner Is Back to Bashing Chevy’s Real People Commercials

The Real People commercials have gained a lot of public attention after popular Youtube channel, Zebra Corner, began poking fun at them. The popular videos started off making fun of the Chevy Cruze and has now traveled to making fun of the Chevy Equinox. 

Regardless of whether or not you like the Chevy Equinox (I happen to like it), the skits are hilarious and the Massachusetts accent really drives the whole thing home. This particular commercial's premise is that the value mixes up cars and ends up bringing over a Chevy Equinox. Miraculously no one is annoyed and the "real people" proceed to explore the all-new Equinox.

 Although there is a good chance the Real People commercial participants are people off the street, we assume a little massaging was done to get the desired effect. Comments like, "this feels like a luxury SUV!" and "is this a Chevy?" seem fairly staged or forced and Zebra Corner makes sure to have harsh comebacks to both. 

One line that has traveled throughout all the videos is, "I hate you," and for some reason the Massachusetts accent just makes it work every time. Unfortunately, some the general insults towards Chevy have started to age over time and they don't have the same effect they did in the first two videos. When it comes down to it, Chevy's new line up is solid and even though some of the comments in these commercials are a bit much, the Equinox is competitive in its segment for good reason. 

Towards the end of the commercial, Chevy brings out the owner's cars which happen to be a Ford Escape and Honda CR-V, both competitors. At this point, Zebra Corner superimposes a 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara and the video seems to deteriorate from there.