Chevrolet "Real People" Commercial Parody Is Back to Mock the J.D. Power Award

Zebra Corner is back with another riff on Chevy's ad campaign.

Zebra Corner/Youtube

Dave Irwin and Ali Shahriari are back making hilarious Chevy “Real People” commercial parodies. This time, Zebra Corner (the duo's YouTube name), is doing a parody of Chevy’s J.D. Power awards commercial. As usual, the team brings a salty Massachusetts personality to the parody, as their sharp-tongued everyman heavily questions the nature of the J.D. Power Initial Quality Award that Chevrolet is so proud of.

Essentially stripping Chevy of any prestige behind the award, Mark repeatedly makes jabs at the man hosting the commercial and does a fantastic job of calling out the other “real people’s” over-animated reactions. As you might remember, this isn’t Dave or Ali’s first rodeo, they have also created two more “real people” commercials under the Zebra Corner account. 

Being a part of the automotive journalism and media world, The Drive staff has spent an embarrassing amount of time watching these parodies on repeat. We have to give it to Dave and Ali for striking gold in this surprisingly untapped comedy segment.

(And if you missed the first two fake commercials, you can watch them here.)