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Chevrolet’s “Real People” Commercials Get Brilliantly Spoofed

No one is safe from Zebra Corner's brutally honest opinions of the Chevy Cruze and Chevy Malibu.

Whether or not you think Chevy builds a good car, it’s hard not to laugh at the brand’s “real people” car commercials. In one, Chevy strips the Malibu of badging and asks “real people” to say what they think of the car, who they think builds it, and how much they think it’s worth; in another, someone asks “real people” to describe the new Cruze using emojis. 

The whole thing hacky so when the Youtube channel Zebra Corner released two spoof edits of the popular Chevy commercials, we couldn’t stop laughing.

By superimposing a brutally honest Massachusetts resident into the scenes, the commercials are turned into a hilarious rant against the Malibu and Cruze. With an overly negative attitude, the actor compares the new Malibu to his 1984 Nissan Maxima and accuses other “real people” that they are high.

And in the Cruze commercials, participants are asked to use one emoji to drescribe the car…and of course, our faithful Masshole uses the poop emoji.