Watch A 1,479-HP Bugatti Chiron Test Car Rumble Around The Nurburgring

What is Bugatti up to with this blacked-out mule?

byKyle Cheromcha|
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The Bugatti Chiron is 1,479 horsepower of tire-destroying, knife-edged brilliance. With the first models already in the gilded hands of their new owners, the sight of what looks like a manufacturer test mule cruising around the Nurburgring this weekend poses an interesting question—could Bugatti be prepping an even more insane Super Sport version of the 280 mph Chiron?

That's the case made by YouTuber Automotive Mike, who spotted a strangely blacked-out Bugatti Chiron lapping the Nurburgring earlier this month. After all, there's not much to gain from testing a car that's already been released and delivered to buyers. And considering Bugatti has its own rig to simulate the stress of lapping the 'Ring on its quad-turbo W-16 engine, the decision to put tires to pavement here could indicate a more advanced stage of development for the alleged Chiron Super Sport.

Of course, Bugatti hasn't confirmed any of this. The company has already stated it won't be building a roadster version of the Chiron as it did with the Veyron, but there's been no word so far about a sequal to the higher-performance Veyron Super Sport that set the top speed record back in 2010. 

The $3 million Chiron isn't setting any lap records with its relatively sedate pace in the new video—at one point yielding to a quicker Porsche Panamera—but hearing that 8-liter W-16 powerplant shake the ground as it cruises by is a treat unto itself. 

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