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Toyota Camry Cuts Off Motorcycle, Sends Rider Flying Onto Trunk

Hey buddy, there's a guy on your trunk.

Looking twice before changing lanes is a critical precautionary move before safely crossing the white line. The simple act of checking your mirrors thoroughly can prevent a serious collision, or even save a life. 

Consider the video below an example of what not to do. In it, we see a Toyota Camry break a solid yellow line to cut into an express lane, and the driver apparently doesn’t even look before doing so. As a result, a motorcyclist crashes into the rear of the vehicle, causing the bike to fall to the speeding pavement below and the rider to flip onto the trunk of the Camry.

Astonishingly, the driver of the Camry doesn’t seem to notice the impact (or the rider on his trunk) for several seconds after the crash until the rider banging on the rear window gets his attention. Eventually, the vehicle comes to a stop and the rider confronts the driver. It is unclear whether or not the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or just clueless—but whatever the case may be, he didn’t act appropriately. Demonstrating situational awareness is a crucial skill all drivers need to properly operate a motor vehicle. Not only did the driver not demonstrate situational awareness, but he also broke the law by crossing a solid yellow line.

Remember, accidents like these can be easily avoided by just checking your mirrors before changing lanes.