Watch Tailgating Drivers Cause a Giant Crash

Expect to see this video in the next driver's ed presentation about what not to do on the road.

Tailgating another car is an unsafe practice that we are all guilty of every once in a while. Whether or not we realize it, we may find ourselves a little too close to the car ahead of us. Now up the stakes by driving 55 miles per hour down a two-lane highway with Jersey barriers on one side and a tractor trailer on the other, and you’re almost bound to have some sort of catastrophe.

In the video below, we start out seeing normal traffic from the viewpoint of a truck driver. If you weren’t warned about the events that were soon to occur, we would most likely not think anything was odd in the video. But right when the truck driver cracks a cold one, you can see a Dodge Avenger lock up its brakes in the distance, leading to a chain reaction amongst the . An accordion effect ensues with a crescendo of “F^#K,” at the 2:05 mark.

This video serves as a great reminder to keep your distance when driving—and to always have an escape route in mind, in case something happens up ahead. 

(Also, as an aside: according to the video uploaded on YouTube, the trucker was grossing 80,000 pounds…and still able to stop quicker than most of the jabronis that smashed into one another. Consider it yet another lesson in the value of situational awareness.)