Musk, Malala, and a Red Tesla Roadster

The Twitterverse is over the moon for a recent interaction between Elon Musk and a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

byNatalie Abruzzo| UPDATED Jun 1, 2018 10:48 AM

Twitter exploded with delight Thursday as electric car mega mogul, Elon Musk and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Malala Yousafzai exchanged tweets.

What started out as a satirical article from The Onion’s sister site, ClickHole, Wednesday, poking fun at the EV executive’s recent public relations

fiascos, turned into a beautiful back and forth showing both Musk and Yousafzai had a sense of humor.

The site's headline read: "More Bad Press For Elon: The Car Elon Musk Launched Into Orbit Has Fallen Back Down To Earth And Crushed Malala Yousafzai." It looked like a horrible topic to joke about but produced Twitter gold. 

"Hello from the other side," Yousafzai replied tagging Musk. The global education advocate responded to the ClickHole article with the perfect pop-culture punctuation—a line from pop singer Adele’s hit song, Hello. 

Musk responded with a “Hi Malala” and included the ghost emoji to indicate he got the afterlife joke Yousafzai had made.

The best part is when Yousafzai said, “I’m keeping the car, btw!” 

The car Yousafzai referred to is the Midnight Cherry Red Tesla Roadster that went up with Musk’s SpaceX launch Feb. 6.

After launching at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Musk's first-generation red Roadster ended up in orbit on its way toward the Sun and eventually Mars. It also became an official celestial object in the NASA database.

Even though it's all in jest, it may not be a bad Tesla to own, although there’s no telling what its condition will be like once or if it reaches the red planet. 

However, it might be better for Yousafzai to just get on the list for the next-generation Tesla Roadster, which was revealed in November. It's a four-seat, all-wheel drive with three individual electric motors. The car has a 200 kilowatt-hour battery, a 620-mile range, and 7,375 pound-feet of torque. And it's fast. Zero-to-60 mph in 1.9 seconds.

Its base price will be $200,000 when it's available in 2020. Perhaps Musk could offer to put Yousafzai at the top of the list.