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New Photos of Road-Going Tesla Roadster Surface on Social Media

A red Tesla Roadster has been spotted outside the automaker's design studio in California for several days now.

It appears that Tesla’s once-secretive Roadster is now simply out there for everyone to see. Ever since the sleek convertible debuted last year, it’s only been shown at this year’s Monterey Car Week and most recently at Grand Basel. However, a particular red Roadster has popped up on social media recently.

The provenance of the vehicle isn’t known, and it’s not clear if this is a test mule or a marketing vehicle that was simply parked there to gather attention. However, it’s known that Tesla only has one fully operating Roadster that’s already been shown to potential customers and the world’s most famous car nerd: Jay Leno.

The snaps, which were first shown on Tesla fan site Electrek, were uploaded to Instagram and Twitter earlier this week. The images show the same car parked at the same facility in California, but not much else was said, with the exception of the typical accompanying hashtags. It appears that one of the people who uploaded a photo is a SpaceX employee, but that still doesn’t explain what purpose that vehicle is fulfilling.

Last month Tesla released additional photos of the seductive Roadster before debuting it in Switzerland, revealing new angles of its super aerodynamic body. According to CEO Elon Musk, the second-gen sports car will have 620 miles of range and do zero to 60 in just 1.9 seconds.