Yes, This Is a Porsche 959 Convertible

It's not a replica. And it's for sale.

In the pantheon of Porsche, more so even than the Carrera GT, the 959 stands alone. Originally unveiled at the 1983 Frankfurt Motor Show, the car was a technological tour de force, and has informed every great Porsche since. It was a pioneer, for composite materials and turbocharging and adaptive suspension. It was a racecar, off-road at Dakar and for 24 hours at Le Mans. The 959 was not, however, a convertible. Well, except for this one.

ADR Motorsport

The backstory: German racing driver Jürgen Lässig bought the car new in 1987. A little over a decade later, while presumably doing racing driver things, Lässig binned it on the Autobahn. The roof was extensively damaged. So Auto Becker, a German firm, purchased the write-off and set to restoring it. In the process, the company decided it’d be better suited as a convertible. And, thus, the world’s only legitimate droptop 959 was born.

It’s still got the goods. Twin-turbo flat six, all-wheel drive, a six-speed manual gearbox, and enormous tires tucked under those vented kevlar birthing hips. It’s also got interchangeable windshields, one normal and one low-cut screen, plus a removable hardtop. The latter comes in a comically large, massively inconvenient wooden box. Because if you’re going 959 Speedster, you should really go 959 Speedster. No point in half-assing it.

ADR Motorsport

Dig it and have a million bucks to burn? The car’s currently for sale here, through ADR Motorsport sas di A.Dazzan & C. in Italy.