F1 Champ Nico Rosberg Considering Move to Formula E

Not as a driver, though. Which is okay.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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Now-retired 2016 Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg is done with racing. He's reiterated the fact several times over to the media and motorsport community, removing any doubt that he could ever make a comeback to competitive driving. However, his recent duties as an on-air personality have perhaps foreshadowed a future career for the 32-year-old German, one that he could be taking to Formula E sooner rather than later. 

Rosberg, who has shown interest in the all-electric series before, indicated that he's been considering the switch for some time now. In an interview with The Telegraph, Rosberg explains that Formula E's focus on innovation and real-world application creates plenty of intrigues for the future. 

“Let’s wait and see," Rosberg elaborated. "I’m open to explore so let’s see what the possibilities are but I’m definitely interested. I know quite a lot [about Formula E], I have been following it. It has an amazing future, a great future. It is on the right track and Alejandro [Agag] is awesome as well so he is going to do the right stuff."

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When asked if he would consider getting behind the wheel once more, he answered bluntly. "No. For me, it is really done. I’m totally fulfilled and I am really excited about these new steps that I am doing now," Rosberg said.

"Formula E has hit the nail on the head: The hype is there for e-mobility and that is why there is a guaranteed great future for this because people are going to be watching and this is going to be the technology of the future battling," Rosberg added. "It is going to be right here. Never has there been a racing series where the technology is so one-to-one. It goes from the race car into the road car of the future that we are all going to be driving ... All the best brands in the world are here fighting each other, so it is awesome."