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Vettel Says It’s ‘Good News’ That Other Teams Are Complaining About Ferrari

The current points leader feels confident going into Budapest this weekend.

With Ferrari and team lead Sebastian Vettel gaining an early head start in this first half of the Formula One season, other teams have called it out on technicalities in efforts to slow Ferrari down. Regulations on oil-burn and even the floor height of the Maranello team’s car have been under stipulation, and though that may seem like nitpicking, Vettel said it’s something for Ferrari to be “proud” of, according to Motorsport.

The four-time world champion pointed out that it’s “good news” for others to try and stop him and his crew. To him, it shows that they’re doing something right by performing at the top level on race day.

“Well, we’re still there,” Vettel said. “It’s testimony of the great work that has been going on over the winter that people start to look at your car from a different angle, and try to ban your car rather than ignore your car.”

The drivers’ championship point leader also noted that Ferrari “shouldn’t be distracted by it,” and instead, use it to boost confidence and morale ahead of this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix.

“It’s normal when you’re at the front, people don’t like it and want to change that. It’s the same when it’s the other way round.”

Mark Thompson / Getty Images

With these aforementioned restrictions being placed on the team, some were concerned that they were the cause of Ferrari’s under-par performance in the last two races. With that being said, Ferrari technical director Mattia Binotto believes that it had nothing to do with the team’s problems.

“I think that oil burn is something that is not directly related to Ferrari. And the floor, honestly I don’t think there is any impact on our performance.”

“Each race is different to the others and there have been races at the start of the season where we have been competitive and others where Mercedes has been competitive,” Binotto said, pointing out Ferrari’s major competitor. 

“I don’t think that there is a clear tendency or a trend in the competitiveness of the two teams. Certainly the development is very important and that has to be done race by race. There are still many races to go. We are just halfway through the season. I don’t think that there are any reasons why there should be a trend.”

Vettel finished Friday’s practice session in second place behind Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo.