There’s ‘No Rush’ to Sign New Ferrari Contract, Vettel Says

The points leader isn’t hurrying his decision with the team.

byCaleb Jacobs|
There’s ‘No Rush’ to Sign New Ferrari Contract, Vettel Says

Contract talk speculation has swarmed Ferrari and lead driver Sebastian Vettel as of late, but according to the Ferrari Formula One driver, he remains focused on the 2017 season and unconcerned with future team contract decisions, Motorsport reports.

Rumors say that Vettel is exploring other options, while there's also speculation that he isn't going anywhere. Things are looking up for the four-time champion, though, as he retains a one point lead in drivers' standings over Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, despite a rough outing at the British Grand Prix.

While Vettel is surely in charge of his future with the team, some have wondered what his opinion on the matter is. In response, Vettel answered simply:

"I am not in a rush. I don't think the team is in a rush. I think I have a good contact to the team, I think they would tell me otherwise. There is no problem, nothing wrong."

Though this doesn't tell much of his intentions after the season is over, it does give us insight into what has been an almost completely drama-free relationship with Ferrari.

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"I am enjoying it, being part of the Ferrari family," said Vettel. "We are all focused and determined to get Ferrari back to where it belongs. That is our mission, our target and our goal and that is what we are working on. It is true I haven't got a contract yet, but the primary object is not to look at papers and worry about those, it is to make sure we get some good results."

Vettel will have to keep that in mind as his lead has narrowed from fifty points to only one over the last four races in which Vettel has only captured one podium. Meanwhile, Hamilton has nabbed two wins out of the four contests, and with the momentum from the British GP, he has the Maranello team in his sights.

Ferrari reportedly offered Vettel a three-year, $138.5 million extension, though he has not made an official decision yet. Among the teams in contention, Ferrari may be the only one willing to dish out more cash than that, so it'll be interesting to see what path Vettel takes.