Best Micron Gauges: Keep your AC System Functioning Optimally

Keep your AC systems in top working condition with these quality micron gauges

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BYRobert Kimathi/ LAST UPDATED ON July 14, 2021

Air conditioning systems are a necessity in homes and in other industries. An optimally performing air conditioning system shields you from extreme temperatures and humidity. For a conditioning system to remain functional, you need to continually check vacuum and dehydration levels. A micron gauge helps you to measure these levels in a fast and accurate manner. Which are the best micron gauges available? After thorough research, here are the top options.

Best Overall

Testo 552 Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge


A powerful micron gauge, this model features Pirani sensors to measure the most minute pressures. Ideal for HVAC applications, the gauge features a prominent screen and includes Bluetooth features for added efficiency.

  • Communicates with smartphone through Bluetooth for comprehensive reports
  • Works with both Android and iOS systems
  • May encounter issues when pairing your device
  • Screen is vulnerable to scratches and water damage
Best Value

Measureman Digital Vacuum Gauge


Available at a friendly price point, this digital vacuum gauge connects easily through a quarter-inch attachment. Running on batteries, it’s accurate to within 1 percent.

  • Accurately measures negative pressure
  • Not prone to rust and corrosion
  • Displays in multiple metrics
  • Connects firmly
  • Smaller than many other models
  • Can be challenging to control the two push buttons 
  • Backlight is easy to break
Honorable Mention

CPS VG200 with Digital LCD Display


The CPS micron gauge is equipped with a digital display terminal for a precise, hassle-free reading. A built-in self-heated thermistor helps you keep check on temperature changes. Overall, this micron gauge has a sturdy construction for durability.

  • Vacuum gauge includes ambient compensation for user-friendliness
  • Crisp LCD display terminal is easy to maintain
  • Withstands pressures up to 400 pounds per square inch
  • Gauge does not read below 20,000 microns
  • Can be difficult to open battery compartment 
  • If batteries left too long, will leak and cause acid issues

Best Micron Gauge Reviews & Recommendations 2021

By incorporating some of the most modern features available, the Testo 552 Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge becomes one of the best selections on the market. It is both user-friendly and durable, connecting via Bluetooth tech to either an Android or an iOS system.This gauge is able to perform real-time calculations, determining both the micron and temperature levels. It also informs you when the target pressure is achieved. Called Pirani sensors, this high-end tech is able to efficiently determine the pressure to within a remarkable degree of accuracy. The prominent LCD screen clearly displays the metrics while the intuitive controls help you assess your situation. When connected to a phone or tablet, the system generates custom reports which are easy to save or share. Given its advanced technological abilities and its capacity to work with wireless tech, this is an easy winner overall. 

Nothing’s perfect, though, and the advanced features of this model come with some downsides. For starters, the Bluetooth tech can be a bit finicky when pairing. The technical vacuum gauge parts work well, but the interface can be glitchy, resulting in your doing the reading more than once.

Getting accurate low pressure readings shouldn’t mean paying high prices. The Measureman Digital Vacuum Gauge sets itself apart from the crowd not only through its affordability, but overall durability. The compact, battery-powered design is constructed using stainless steel. It features a LED light for clarity while the LCD screen keeps track of your readings. Connecting via a quarter-inch NPT mount, you can use it on just about any system. The gauge itself reads to within an accuracy of 1 percent. Featuring a 2 1/2-inch dial, this is able to read up to negative 15 pounds per square inch. All parts of it are durably constructed; and, though the buttons are fairly small, control is intuitive and the resulting readings are reliable. 

It’s worth a note that while 1 percent margin of error sounds fantastic, when you’re dealing in as small of figures as microns, it represents quite a bit. While you can get more precise ones, designed for really high-end tasks, the extra accuracy will cost more. So, considering the balance of function and cost, this model is a worthy value pick.

User-friendly and compact, the CPS VG200 with Digital LCD Display is calibrated according to metrics set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The clever design incorporates high-end sensors. By using a self-heated thermistor bridge and compensatory pressure systems, it registers fine details without interference. The set itself is easy to maintain, largely due to the durable pieces. Capable of withstanding pressures as high as 400 pounds per square inches of pressure. As an added benefit, the simple controls — consisting of a power button and unit selector — provide intuitive performance. You can get readings in mitrons, inches of mercury, and other useful standards. Though it may not stand out in terms of looks, it’s compact function and simple yet effective design earns it an honorable mention. 

Keep in mind that while the outside of this micron gauge may not highlight its tech, it’s only because all the work is behind the scenes. There’s internal sensors and circuitry at work, so make sure to take proper care of it. Avoid impact and moisture to keep it working as long as possible.

A new-to-market concept, the Supco VG64 Digital Micron Gauge has a patent pending on its HVAC strap system. It’s incredibly lightweight and equipped with sensors to realize resolution between 0.5 and 1,000 microns. The pressure measurement ranges as far as 12,000 microns when tested through evacuation. It’s easy enough to program, thanks to the bright, backlit LCD screen. You can opt for one of seven standard units, including microns and pounds per square inch. Designed for an automatic shutdown after alarm activation (and when the system isn’t in use), it doesn’t waste energy. The hanging component enables easy placement, letting you attach this to an HVAC device with ease. Able to work effectively in demanding situations, this micron gauge helps your devices run smoothly. 

It is, however, worth a note that the patent on the design and strap is only in pending status. While it adds a lot of ease of function, it may not be the only available option with this function. That said, for its precision, strong capacity and easy-to-read results, it remains a solid choice.

The Elitech VG-760 Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge touts a clever design that is ideal for leak testing and pump quality assessments. Whether for refrigeration or HVAC purposes, the simple attachment points and crisp screen make this selection extremely user-friendly. Despite its compact design, this set is capable of reading up to 19,000 microns, making it one of the most advanced options around. Offering simple conversions into eight different metrics, you can switch between pounds per square inch to microns to inches of mercury in a matter of minutes. All parts except the screen and base are equipped with a water-resistant, rubber housing, so any moisture from the surrounding environment won’t cause issues. Coming in a convenient case to promote its ability to last, this micron gauge is great for refrigeration technicians. 

Bear in mind that the water-resistant rating is only IP65, meaning it can handle some moisture, but not submersion. Keep it in the case when not in use, and try to wipe away any dust and dry it off before returning this system to storage.


  • Constant checks will help keep your micron gauge in top condition. Frequent maintenance minimizes possibilities of leaks that may affect the functionality of your gauge.  
  • Always check on the refrigerant profiles of a micron gauge before purchasing it. The higher the refrigerator profile of a gauge, the more versatile it is. 
  • Resolution in a micron gauge can vary from 50 microns to 9,999 microns. Always ascertain that your preferred gauge has the right resolution. 


Q: How often should I change the oil in my vacuum pump?

A: Change the oil as advised by a professional. The oil in your vacuum pump absorbs moisture and thus becomes less effective after a certain duration of use.  

A: Yes, a pressure gauge checks both high and low pressures. It also displays the superheat and subcool along with temperature readings.

Q: Can the CALBEAU 4-way manifold gauge set work with R-407-C?

A: Since the two gauges have a similar refrigerant value and almost similar interfaces, they can be used interchangeably. However, you may want to double check with the manufacturer to be sure.

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend the Testo 552 Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge. It’s a powerful gauge that measures the most minute pressures. 

For a cheaper option, consider the  Measureman Digital Vacuum Gauge. It’s a budget-friendly yet accurate gauge.

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