Best Car Accessories: Add Your Own Personal Style

Upgrade your car’s look and make it your own with these car accessories

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PUBLISHED ON October 23, 2019

When you own a vehicle, you can upgrade its look, make it sound more aggressive, or buy a much-needed phone charger or practical jumper cables for convenience. Enhancing the ride of your car can make it more powerful and durable, while other accessories, like phone chargers and seat warmers, can make it more comfortable. Check out some high-quality accessories to consider if you want to add value and style to your car.

  • Best Overall
    Hotor Car Vacuum
    This powerful 12v vacuum features a stainless steel filter, a quick-detach dust cup head, and a grippy handle with easy-to-access buttons.
    It includes a bright LED light, three different nozzles, is portable, comes with a carrying case, is strong and capable of removing thick pet fur, and is super lightweight.
    Its small size means you will have to empty the receptacle often, and it uses a lot of power, so you may need to leave the car running to get more juice.
  • Best Value
    Ainope Car Charger
    The device features dual USB connections, and both include fast 2.4A charging power with a combined power of 4.8A that can fully charge a dead phone in two hours.
    The sleek and durable metal body is scratch-resistant, modern looking, and designed not to overheat. It charges quickly, is made out of durable metal, and it holds the charging cables tightly
    It may sit loosely inside of the socket, and it may stick out just a bit. Also, the lights aren’t bright, so seeing it at night can be a hassle.
  • Honorable Mention
    3D Cooling and Heating Seat Cushion
    It features a dual heating and cooling ability. It’s lightweight and portable. The cover is fitted with 11 vents to provide a concentrated amount of airflow.
    It includes a 3D mesh construction, is designed with a special ventilation layer and cooling layer, plus it comes with a 30-minute automatic shut-off timer and two levels of heating that reach optimum levels quickly.
    The combined cooling and heating systems make a lot of noise. The fans powering the cover are loud but shouldn’t be distracting. The cushion could be a bit thicker.

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  • With heated seat cushions, make sure it is unplugged and turned off when you leave the vehicle because it can drain certain vehicles’ power. 
  • Many accessories, such as shock absorbers or engine components, can be installed yourself. However, you should consider having a professional install them to ensure they run properly and efficiently.
  • Covers are a great accessory to have if you don’t have access to a garage to park your car in. They offer protection against thieves and debris while you’re away.
  • Car vacuums aren’t necessarily loud, but you may want to wear headphones or earplugs when using them in your car. The tight and compact space might increase the noise they create put out.


Q: What car accessories should I invest in?

A: This depends on your personal style and choice. If you want to focus on changing the exterior look and style of your car, consider wrapping your vehicle. If you want to upgrade the sound or interior, you may want to invest in various components for the engine, such as new air intake, exhaust manifolds, or seat covers.

Q: How can I find out if an accessory is right for my car?

A: Consider ones that fit your specific model car. There may be some that are only equipped to fit trucks, jeeps, or SUVs. Check with the manufacturer to see if it has a list of vehicles its accessories are compatible with.

Q: Are there packs or kits for car accessories?

A: Some simple car accessory kits include a phone charger, first aid kit, and a flashlight. However, you should consider buying accessories separately. That way, you can choose the exact accessories you want and need. 

Final Thoughts

To leave your car looking brand new and clean on the inside, consider the Hotor Car Vacuum. Or there’s the Ainope Car Charger, which features two charging ports for more convenience and a quick charge.