This Punk Rock Porsche Poorly Hides a Turbocharged Secret

This narrow body 911 holds 420 turbocharged horsepower in a 2600-pound cage.

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

We hardly know where to begin with this one. Derek Whitacre, owner of the little white beast you see in the video below, is our kind of crazy. The car's stock horsepower just wasn't enough for Derek, and he decided to go hog wild. Where most 911SC owners would be perfectly content with a mild bump in displacement for a few extra ponies, Derek built a 3.4-liter engine and then went and turbocharged the thing. As it sits, he claims a whopping 420 horsepower with a single K27S turbocharger, a giant intercooler that protrudes through the rear decklid, and a custom Haltech ignition and fuel control system. 

Being that this car features a turbocharger and that aforementioned very large intercooler, but does not feature the widebody indicative of a series production 911 Turbo, it's been affectionately dubbed the Non30. It's sort of like a 930, but it's not. The view of the car from the back bumper is likely our favorite, as it shows off that glorious twin-pipe exhaust exit and the early Carrera Turbo wing. This car does have a 930 transmission, and even 993 Turbo big brakes, so it does have a bit of natural Turbo to it, but this car is hardly naturally occurring. 

As is often the case in Porsche-land, Derek met up with some more Porsche folks and he quickly learned that his already-pretty-fast car needed to be even faster. Once you get the modification itch, it's difficult to get it completely scratched. You can check out Derek's Instagram account @the_derek_whitacre for more photographs of the Non30 and for the opportunity to follow along on Derek's adventures with the car. Based on a few of these photos, we can expect the car to show up in an upcoming episode of The Smoking Tire's One Take series, so keep an eye out for that as well. 

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