Magnus Walker Shows Off His 964 At The Donut Garage

Part Of A Photo Shoot For KW Suspension, Magnus Goes Over All Of The Details For Hoonigan’s Brian Scotto

byBradley Brownell| PUBLISHED Mar 20, 2017 1:53 PM
Magnus Walker Shows Off His 964 At The Donut Garage

The 964 in this video is, by a good margin, our favorite Magnus Walker build to date. Unlike many of his other flashier builds, the 964 exudes subtlety and class, while still managing to sound raucous and kick all kinds of ass. In this quick video Magnus walks us through all of the intricate details that he worked out with ace Porsche fabrication master Rod Emory. Working with the full gamut of Porsche history, they integrated some seriously vintage details into this nineties Porsche that really makes it stand out from a crowd. Add in a dash of hot rod culture flair, and this is a consequential, possibly inspirational, build in the Porsche world. 

The video comes by way of a recent KW Suspension photo shoot at the Hoonigan spot, featuring other exciting Porsche builds, including Magnus' yellow 914-4, the LuftAuto Safari Rally-inspired car, and a gorgeous brown 930 lowered on Fifteen-52 Outlaws. While the four cars are there, Brian Scotto (who also owns a highly modified 964 Turbo) grabs some time with Magnus to talk about his whip for their daily vlog segment. When you have an amiable and approachable guy like Magnus around, it's hard not to point a camera at him and just let him talk for a while. Which, frankly, is exactly what Scotto did. Sadly, he didn't do any donuts at the donut garage. 

This 964's gorgeous bodywork and beautiful grey paintwork is what really makes this car work well. It's subtle, but you can instantly tell it is different. According to Magnus there isn't a single panel on this car that hasn't been modified in some way. From deleting the front license plate recess on the bumper to swapping all of the black window trim for brushed silver, there are so many little things done to this car that it adds up to something completely different and exciting. Everyone wants to talk about the custom louvered fenders, but the integrated 911R tail lights or the hand-hammered fender flares are equally important to the overall look. Check it out for yourself, but be wary of your bank account, because you'll want to build one of your own immediately.