You Need To Listen To This Dinner Chat With Porsche Legend Hurley Haywood Immediately

The Daytona, Le Mans, and Sebring champion is one of the most compelling people in the world of Porsche and motorsport to talk with. This podcast with Hurley should definitely be on your playlist!

Bradley Brownell

If you are a motorsport fan, and you have not been listening to the phenomenal "Dinner With Racers" hosted by Sean Heckman and Ryan Eversley, then you really need to start now. The show, having just launched its second season for binge listeners this week, posted this episode with Porsche legend Hurley Haywood. This podcast has produced some of my favorite interviews in history, and tends to bring stories to light that would not have otherwise been told. Not to toot my own horn, but I have had dinner with Hurley Haywood a handful of times, and he's an amazing guy with amazing stories. It's unsurprising that Hurley has even more stories that I have not yet heard, and this podcast is full of them. 

Sitting down to talk with Haywood is an honor, and Heckman/Eversley treat the occasion as nothing but. The stories start flowing as Hurley discusses how he got his start in racing, working with Peter Gregg for much of his career, sleeping in his car at Le Mans, and so much more. The show is a phenomenal nearly-two-hour chat that really needs to be listened to. Whether you're a Porsche fan or a general motorsport fan, Haywood has done it all and raced it all. His history is a tale worth listening to. I could listen to him talk for a week, and not get bored.

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