1967 Porsche 911S Twins Separated And Reunited

Two nearly identical Porsche 911S were built back in 1967, and they were separated to be shipped to their new owners. Now, nearly 50 years later, they've been reunited in central Slovakia for this film series. 

This is a story of two 1967 Porsche 911S crossing the assembly line at the same time, separated by the years and reunited. Two cars that were built to nearly identical specificaiton and spent five decades serving very different lives. The two 911S are coated in a gorgeous Sand Beige hue, both have high lift ‘S’ Camshafts, both have higher spec interiors and the wider rocker deco trims to denote an ‘S’. The same gold badges, the same redline on the same tachometer. One of these cars was recently restored to perfect condition, the other has led a long life of use and care to be known as the ‘patina car’. Both cars have been reunited in order to show off their similarities and highlight their differences. 

The video itself is short and to the point, showcasing the pair driving on some east European roads with excellent sound and even better visuals. These cars are for sale, and would make an interesting juxtaposition within some Porsche collector’s garage. If you want a 911S to keep and display, the restored car is perfect. If you want a 911S to drive and enjoy, the patina car is perfect. If you want the best of both worlds, why not lay down the cash needed to take both home? The roads in this video look spectacular, and with these two to enjoy I’m not sure how it could get better.