Jeff Zwart Rips Donuts In His Porsche 914-6 At The Hoonigan Garage

This is an excellent episode of Hoonigan’s Daily Transmissions, and if you aren’t watching them regularly, start with this one.

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche News photo

Jeff Zwart is an absolute gem of the Porsche community. He's an enthusiastic, excitable, sweetheart of a human being with stories to tell for days and days. Every time I've met Jeff I've truly enjoyed his company. If you're not familiar with Jeff by now, you really should be. He's a TV commercial director, racing driver, and Porsche brand ambassador of sorts with a collection that simply cannot be beat. Perhaps the best part about Jeff is his commitment to using his old cars, and not being afraid to get them a bit dirty, or do a few donuts. Speaking of donuts, Jeff manages to produce about a baker's dozen of them on this episode in his 914-6 M471 that he has owned since he graduated high school. 

Jeff was recently involved in the direction of Hoonigan piece de resistance, "Climbkhana", in part because of his directing CV, and partially because of his many years of success at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. If you've not seen Climbkhana by now, you really need to go check it out, because it is masterfully done. In any case, Jeff is basically the real world example of the most interesting man, because he's got all kinds of stories of international intrigue to tell, and he's making new ones every day. 

This video is incredible from start to finish. You get to see a very tall Brian Scotto attempt to contort himself into the driver's seat of this 914. You get to see burnouts and donuts in Jeff's little wide fender yellow rocketship of a 'teener. I loved it, you'll love it. 

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