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Ford’s 615-HP, 7.3L Megazilla V8 Crate Engine Finally Goes on Sale for $22,995

That's a lot of cash, but then again, that's a lot of power with the potential for even more once you boost it.

We love Ford’s 7.3-liter V8, don’t we, folks? It’s a modern-day pushrod engine that makes big power without even trying. The enthusiast crowd has been modifying the “Godzilla” ever since it debuted in the 2020 Super Duty, and Ford took notice. The Blue Oval announced a modified crate version of the engine called “Megazilla” three whole years ago, and now, you can finally buy it. Just make sure you have $22,995 before you place an order.

All that money will get you 615 horsepower without a supercharger. Instead of forced induction, the Megazilla employs CNC-ported aluminum heads, a low-profile intake manifold, a 92-millimeter throttle body, and an upgraded camshaft with no variable cam timing to worry about. Compression is the same as before at 10.5:1, but now you’ll find Callies H-beam forged connecting rods as well as Mahle forged pistons inside. The normal 7.3-liter’s cast iron block should be plenty tough to handle it, and the production steel crankshaft also sticks around.

Ford says these parts allow the engine to make 615 hp at 5,750 rpm along with 638 lb-ft of torque at 4,650 rpm. It’s important to note that a good amount of that torque comes on early and sticks around as the revs climb with more than 500 lb-ft available from 2,500 to 6,000 rpm. Meanwhile, the regular Godzilla tops out at 475 lb-ft.

Numbers like that are undeniably attractive, no matter what project you’re working on. Despite its massive displacement, the 7.3-liter is narrower than a 5.0-liter Coyote and it fits perfectly under the hood of a Fox-body Mustang. I’ve also seen people swap them into desert runners and I won’t be surprised to see even more high-dollar builds rocking the Megazilla.

You’ll have to like it a lot for that price. Ford Performance has the standard 7.3-liter listed at $8,500 and I bet you could boost it to higher power levels for cheaper than the Megazilla at $22,995. That said, anyone willing to spend the cash can hit the ground running with this lump that already has a lot of key upgrades. Then, if they decide to go crazy and build something with four-figure power, they’ll be that much closer to success with the Megazilla.

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