What’s the Best Tire Name You’ve Ever Heard?

It's Friday. Let's not take ourselves too seriously.
Mudder Trucker Tires

Most tires have names like Goodyear Wrangler, Falken Wildpeak, or Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. They sound like marketing buzzwords because that’s really all they are. Some manufacturers take it a step further, though. Maybe you’ve heard of the Mudder Trucker Hang Over M/T for sale on Walmart.com and Amazon?

That has me wondering: What’s the best tire name you’ve ever heard?

Spend enough time shopping discount racks at your local tire shop and you’re sure to find some good ones. Or you could peruse the web and stumble across something like the Cosmo MuchoMacho. Tire companies will try anything to get your attention, and who can blame them? It seems to be working.

I don’t guess there’s any harm in going with a silly name. Most people will never know your Super Duty has a set of Mudder Truckers if you don’t tell them. Then again, that might be defeating the purpose. If you’re willing to spend $700 on a set of rubber with that name on the sidewall, you’ll at least want a few laughs to get the most return out of your dollar.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you have in the comments. Meetcha there!

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