What’s the Hardest-Working Truck You’ve Ever Seen?

It doesn’t have to be pretty. In fact, the uglier the better.

byCaleb Jacobs| PUBLISHED Sep 5, 2022 3:00 PM
What’s the Hardest-Working Truck You’ve Ever Seen?
Stanley Weeks III

Folks, it's Labor Day. That means we should all be resting and reminiscing about the adventures we've had on those big jobs. Personally, I'm thinking back to the hardest working trucks I've seen, and my list is long. How about yours?

I always find myself going back to Stanley Weeks' battered Chevy Silverado. It crossed the 500,000-mile mark back in June and I bet it hasn't taken many days off since. Just look at it—it's got more badges than a volunteer sheriff's deputy, as well as real bullet holes. That still didn't stop it from towing a 25,000-pound telehandler on a 10,000-pound trailer.

Now, this rolling hunk of twisted steel is powered by an 8.1-liter gas V8. What's more, it's paired with a ZF6 manual transmission, meaning it's more or less the perfect work rig. Some people will tell you that diesel is best—in some cases, they're right—but I think anyone who has ever owned an 8.1L truck will defend their case long until the diesel diehards are done. The fact that this one has more than half a million miles on it only supports their case.

I'm also pretty partial to my 1966 Ford F600, which I used to haul more than a million pounds of rock last year. It hasn't seen as much action in 2022, but it's far from retirement. That 300-cubic-inch inline-six is likely to outlive me, and I'm a 1998 model.

Hopefully, by now you get the gist. I want to know what truck has never let you down. Or, I want to know what truck you've witnessed working extremely hard, even if it was flying past you on the road. I'm not one to judge if a story is true or fiction, so let the bull fly. Just know that someone in the comments might call you out either way.

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